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From group coaching in set packages, created and curated to shift your mindset and nourish every part of your life, to personalised programs that are 100% about YOU, your goals and needs; my mission is to support you in reclaiming your dreams and discovering your purpose by prioritising yourself. Whether we are focused on transitioning to a Real Food Paleo or Keto diet, or getting you unto your next big venture, my focus is ALWAYS about your sense of self.



Praise from Clients

A brilliant, informative programme that really covers all aspects of your life that. It provides you with the tools to look deeper into areas of your life you might want to improve, or just to have a deeper understanding about.
— Jody Toomer
Anahi is an excellent coach and speaker, she presents scientific information in a fun and easy to catch way, she is loving, compassionate and open to listen with ears and heart and respond with love, compassion and passion.
— Carmita Prieto
Anahi is open minded, wholehearted and real. She supported me deeply. She gave me guidance that suited ME. My journey with Anahi was 100% pivotal, eye opening, transforming, a guiding light. She has a funny, quirky way of making deep issues so real. Working with her I learned that love wins in the end and that being ME is good.

— Lily Saad
My day has been amazing .. I have had time to re-evaluate my life with Anahi’s support and guidance. It has been a great ride meeting her, she is full of life and energy. I take with me a lot of excellent -no nonsense advice how to take stock of my life.. Planning.. planning to be assertive and to never forget myself and my needs to be a better person for the ones that I love the most.
— Diana Randall

Nourished by Anahi

Nourished by Anahi

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