Keto Made for YOU! - 10-week Personalised Program


Keto Made for YOU! - 10-week Personalised Program


The Keto Made for YOU! Program is all about taking the principles and ideas of a Ketogenic Paleo based diet and comparing these with your individual needs, likes, dislikes and specific needs. In the end, beyond Ketosis, we want you to achieve optimal health, energy and joy. Am I right?

This program is ideal for anyone:
- Struggling with pushing through the first symptoms of Keto Flu or carb depletion;
- Wanting to give Keto a go but feeling overwhelmed by the different styles and types in it;
- Feeling intrigued but already freaking out at the limitations in it; or
- Dealing with specific conditions or diagnosis that need special attention.

The Keto Made for YOU! Program includes:
- One 90-min Intake Session to cover health and wellness history, food likes and dislikes, preferences and more.
- 8 30-min follow-up Sessions to assess progress, adjust what needs adjustment and go through any shifts or issues.
- One 90-min Moving-Forward Session to cover the next steps, ideas and tools needed to continue onwards on a healthy and empowering eating style.
- Between session email and/or WhatsApp support.
- Resources, recipes and material to further your understanding and confidence within the Ketogenic diet and lifestyle.

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