Keto 101 - Starting Keto Right! - 4-week Online Program


Keto 101 - Starting Keto Right! - 4-week Online Program


The Starting Keto Right! Online Program, starting January 12th 2019, takes the principles and ideas of a Ketogenic-Paleo based diet and allows you to experience it on your own terms and ALWAYS!

This program is ideal for people:
- Wanting to give Keto a go but feeling overwhelmed by the different styles and types in it;
- Feeling intrigued but already freaking out at the limitations in it; 
- Already trying Keto but feeling like they are alone on it, so we can build a community of like minded people; or
- You want extra support to make adjustments on your terms.

The Starting Keto Right! Online Program includes:
- One 30-min Intake Session to cover health and wellness history, food likes and dislikes, preferences and more.
- Access to a safe Facebook Group for the duration of the program to get support, ideas, recipes and access to ME!
- Weekly Live Q&As Sessions on the Facebook group to tackle issues and concerns you might have.
- Resources, recipes and material to further your understanding and confidence within the Ketogenic diet and lifestyle.

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