Say Yes! To You

A 30-Day Self-Care Coaching Program to get you from Drained & Stressed to Joyful & Happy on your own terms!

Have you ever laid in bed for hours on end revising in your head all the pending items on your to-do list, feeling as if no matter your efforts life is just one stressful demand after another?

Or perhaps you've promised yourself countless times to start changing your life to give yourself more time, more love, more care, only to realise in just days that you had no clue on where to begin and this decision has been just stressing you more?

As much as Self-Care is everywhere today, from media and ads to social media accounts and memes, more and more women face it with equal parts of awe and stress, as the new holy grail of womanhood AND yet another high demanding task on their already stressful lives.

Are you among them?

If yes, THIS program, aimed at supporting busy, stressed and tired real women to start their own sustainable and authentic Self-Care routines and rituals, is your perfect fit.

The Say Yes! To You - 30-Day Authentic Self-Care Program for Real Women delivers a powerful approach to creating a lasting mindset shift to enable participants to start creating a life where they are the priority and, from that overflow, they can serve their families, friends and jobs abundantly and purposefully.


For only USD117 (that’s less than a trip to the Beauty Salon for a full “Self-Care” treatment!) you will learn:

  • What are the Top 3 Hacks to start prioritising their Self-Care today

  • The #1 Reason why Self-Care is key to happy relationships (from romantic and friendships all the way to work ones!)

  • How can Self-Care support their health and be a natural anti-ageing tool

  • How to use Self-Care to start accomplishing goals in no time!

  • Options and sustainable ways to commit to a sustainable Self-Care routine

  • Tips and hacks to tackle the "Self-Indulgency" Guilt

This life changing 30-Day Self-Care Online Program includes:

30 Days designed to empower, nourish and pamper you like never before!

30 Days designed to empower, nourish and pamper you like never before!

  • 30 Journaling prompts delivered daily to your inbox for you to start your self-discovery journey

  • Four Masterclasses covering:

    • What is Self-Care? How do we even start on it?

    • The Biology of Self-Care - How can this transform our health

    • Using Self-Care to heal our sense of Self-Worth and Self-Esteem

    • Committing to Self-Care towards Self-Love

    • How to create rituals and loving routine in our packed busy lives

    • The role of Self-Care in developing loving relationships

  • Guided meditations to rewire your brain towards Self-Care and Self-Love

  • Four Live Q&As to go deeper on the work

  • The Skincare 101 - The Ultimate Guide to Nourishing your Skin eBook

  • Bonuses, discounts on upcoming programs and more!

I loved the positive energy and topics of discussions. A lot of it wasn’t exactly new to me, but it was presented in a new way.
— Jamie Victorin
This program is perfect for those looking to kick start their self-care journey.
— Leila Sibaey
I loved it and feeling in a tribe and reflecting on the other members experience was great. It was intimate and personal.
— Carmita Prieto
Nourishing for the soul, mind and heart. An eye-opener for me and the best investment to your inner soul.
— Serene Sidani
I tend to neglect my own priorities, my self-care and my own exercise routine, sleep routine etc. as I value helping someone and supporting others as being my main purpose.
Through this program I came to the conclusion that my feeling of fatigue and emotional drain, was mostly caused because a lack of self care. I have set boundaries, learned to prioritise my own “nourishment” first, before I can be sustained and strong to help others. The daily thoughts and questions made me become aware of problem areas and helped me to work through this.
— Theresa Lombard
Sometimes, you just gotta swing away!

Sometimes, you just gotta swing away!

Meet your Coach!

Hey there, babe!

My name is Anahi and I’m a Functional Nutrition Consultant, Certified Holistic Wellness Coach and Self-Care and Mindfulness Mentor guiding Millennial Women in rediscovering the ideal nourishment they need to thrive in life, healing their minds, bodies and emotions.

My official titles might or might not include:

  • Self-Worth Coach for Women

  • Limitless Mindset Writer and Speaker;

  • Chief Cooking Officer (with a Real Food - Keto Style);

  • Professional Expat-Latina Mama; and

  • GIFs writing Expert

To be honest, have carried many labels in my over 13-years’ experience and the common thing has been communicating, inspiring and empowering individuals, couples, organisations and teams in shifting their mindsets so they could show up clear and focused on their goals and dreams, whether around health and wellness, or around growth and finances, in order to truly thrive in life on their terms.


I have coached hundreds of women on their own paths to wholeness and I deeply believe ALL of us deserve pleasure, purpose and joy in our journeys, and to define our labels, dreams and goals, daring to accomplish and be all we want on our terms regardless of where we are geographically and in life, our cultural background, ethnicity, size or beliefs.

I work with women who feel sluggish, undernourished, exhausted, purposeless and joyless - Nourishing them, through coaching and mentoring, back into Greatness.

My approach is anchored in what I call Holistic Nourishment, which combines nutrition (Real Food and Paleo, and at times Keto, Style), emotional empowerment, mindful living, intentional action and inspiring relational work to obtain a full, rich and vibrant experience in life. 

The growth and change my clients experience is a by-product of the self-worth and mindset process we go through together, as well as the lifestyle changes they adopt with my support, so you will choose foods, thoughts and relationships that are loving for you, your goals, body and dreams and this will fuel you into feeling your absolute best... because in the end everyone deserves to live purposeful, joyful and empowered lives.