Anahi took charge of me when I needed looking after. When I was better she reminded me I have wings. She gave me a line when I was out of my depth. Anahi played friend and critic. But most important for me, she pushed me to be responsible for my happiness.

From working together I gained a renewed faith in myself and my ability to handle life’s challenges. Am much more relaxed and am slowly letting go of the elusive idea of “perfect”

Anahi is a sympathetic ear, penetrating eyes that can untangle the most convoluted circumstances and, not to forget, a sharp tongue!

Mehar Sidhu

Anahi is a gorgeous, inspiring and empowering woman who is passionate about helping other women to fulfil their true potential in life, love, health and career.

Through my work with her I learned that my physical health is as important as the other parts of my life and that I needed to listen and follow my true calling in life.

One skill I gained from my work with Anahi was listening to my inner voice and intuition, learning to be good to myself and heal myself from within.

Kim Wyatt

From my work with Anahi I gained greater confidence and the ability to believe in myself. After being a successful student and professional, and then becoming a wife and a mother, I had forgotten who I was. She helped me realise how powerful I can be and to reach for the stars with my weight and my career goals.

Anahi is energetic, passionate and nurturing. My experience with her was positive and empowering. I began to make goals that I previously thought I could not accomplish.  Setting these goals, and making them a reality, made me a lot happier.

She’s passionate, genuine and warm, and helped me realize that I could do more for myself, my family and my future.

Rehena Hussain

Anahi is open minded, wholehearted and real. She supported me deeply. She gave me guidance that suited ME. My journey with Anahi was 100% pivotal, eye opening, transforming, a guiding light. She has a funny, quirky way of making deep issues so real. Working with her I learned that love wins in the end and that being ME is good.


Lily Saad