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You. Me. A fantastic group of Keto-Fuelled Women supporting you.

What more can we wish for?

Let’s say you have tried it and felt you couldn’t do it on your own. Or perhaps you haven’t dared to embark on this because it feels SO complicated (and isolating from the rest of the world).

Maybe you, like so many other women, feel that doing a dietary shift this HUGE will take the little time left in your day and make your already-busy-life even more cumbersome.

I get it. I was you 4 years ago. Told time and time again that the changes in my nutrition needed to be bigger to help me heal my body and mind, yet resisting it with ALL my strength. Until I jumped forward, avoiding medication, and my life was forever changed.

As a chef, I LOVE making (and enjoying) good food, no cardboard bland things for me!

As a chef, I LOVE making (and enjoying) good food, no cardboard bland things for me!

Let me support you on this 5-Day Challenge so that you too can get your Keto-Groove on and thrive as the fab woman you are destined to be!

This 5-Day Challenge starts on January 26th 2019 and each day I'll do a Live Workshop covering:

  • Day 1️⃣: What is Keto? Basics of DOs and DON'Ts

  • Day 2️⃣: Benefits of going Keto for Women

  • Day 3️⃣: Keto as Self-Care - Mindset for Success

  • Day 4️⃣: Troubleshooting Keto - Tips and Hacks

  • Day 5️⃣: Keto in the Wild - Rocking a Fat-Fuelled Social Life

My goal is that after this 5-Day adventure you feel empowered, inspired and focused to give this a go knowing you have all the tools to rock it on your own terms!

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