Top 10 Breads on Keto - The Ultimate Lifesaving List


When it comes to Keto living, one of the things many struggle with is living life without their daily bread.


Who doesn’t crave some bread here and there on Keto?

Who doesn’t crave some bread here and there on Keto?

In fact, this is perhaps in the top 3 of the biggest fears my clients have when starting Keto: What will they do about “The Bread”. Now, in all fairness, because I had been living Gluten Free first, followed by a Paleo/Primal lifestyle, when I shifted to Keto bread wasn’t my biggest stress. I knew I could live without it.

In fact, not even fruits were my biggest concern, as I wasn’t a fan to begin with. To me, the toughest foods to let go of were Corn and Corn Products (hello, Arepas!🇻🇪) and Rice (specially some rice dishes like Appams (amazingly delicious fermented rice “pancakes” typical in Sri Lankan cuisine).

However, because I know there’s a big need for these, here come my top 10 bread (and bread-like) Keto-Friendly recipes (that aren’t in my own!):

  1. Sara Louise’s French Baguette: Now, in general, I tend NOT to overindulge in recipes that have Cream Cheese (which is why I’m not a Fathead fan!) but this particular recipe is a winner and one that I might add to certain weeks, when soups are on the menu.

  2. The Best Keto Buns: To be very honest, there are countless versions of this recipe all over the internet. In fact, I have played with one myself and use to teach it in my cooking classes a few years ago. They tend to hold well and freeze beautifully, so no excuses there. (PS: I’ll be adding my version to my Starting Keto Right! Recipe Book for the Pre-Summer relaunch too, so tay tuned!).

  3. Sourdough Keto Bread: This is a recipe I tried before Christmas, as I was looking for options for easy dinners with Turkey leftovers. It’s a winner, super easy, kids approved and (most importantly in my busy life) it freezes AMAZINGLY!

  4. Keto & Paleo Tortillas: Unfortunately, this recipe didn’t meet my kiddos’ palette (all those apple pouches and gourmet fries do spoiled them!😂) but I liked them enough to make a little batch every month or so for me. I’ll probably test taking some of the flaxseed out in the near future and see if they like them.

  5. Flax-Free Keto Bread (with a Trouble-shouting Guide and all!): As someone who shifts seeds according to her cycle (it’s called Seed Cycling and it helps with hormonal imbalances, you see!) I’m always looking for Flax-Free recipes, to avoid overdoing it on the Flax front. So, I was very happy to find this one. The best part is that it comes with a little guide to make sure you nail your Keto bread no matter what!

  6. Keto Breadsticks: This. Recipe. Is. EPIC! Seriously, breadsticks are a great little extra for certain menus and meals and this Dairy Free recipe (which you can always pimp with some Parmesan Cheese if you want!) is pretty awesome.

  7. Best Keto Sandwich Bread: I have to say that this one made #MrB VERY happy, as my previous tries at Keto Sandwich bread were waaaaaay too egg-y for him. I’m pretty sure it would freeze well too, but I haven’t had enough left to test it. Sorry, the boys are bread gluttons!

  8. Paleo and Keto Yeast Sandwich Bread: Let’s say you’re missing the hold and fluff that gluten gives to bread (I get it, I’m mourning that too!😩) if you get yourself some GOOD QUALITY Whey Protein, THIS BREAD IS PERFECT. I’ve been using it to end my old supply of Whey Powder (that I no longer consume) and it’s amazing!

  9. Microwave Keto Bread: You can’t do Keto and not try these microwave recipes. If I’m very honest, I’m not a fan of them except when in a hurry and wanting something quick to put butter on. That’s it! The taste can be a tad eggy, but the convenience makes it a winner and it also keeps in the fridge for a few days… so I can’t be too choosey!

  10. Collagen Keto Bread: If you’re into Keto to heal yourself, THIS will be your best choice for bread, as the collagen will help you repair your gut lining and the ingredients in this one are CLEAN. In fact, if you’re on the Anti-Inflammatory Keto bandwagon, like I am, here’s a list of 30 Recipes curated by the Bulletproof team that will ALL avoiding allergens, inflammatory ingredients and nasties.


There you have them, my dearest Ketonian. Ten recipes for you to experiment, play with and continue your Ketogenic Journey with renewed energies and vibes. Remember, these are just a blueprint. In the end, this journey is ALL about you making things work for YOU.

From swapping ingredients (when possible) to adding new flavours (like herbs or spices from your culture), to changing the presentation of dishes (making breads into more focaccia-like loaves!) this is where you get to be creative, have fun and even get your family involved (God knows my kids have a blast when they are allowed in the kitchen as my sous chefs!👨🏼‍🍳👨🏽‍🍳). Make it fun and make it YOURS.

Buen provecho and see you soon!