Empowered to Release Anxiety for Good

Life, parenting, work, deadlines… These days many of us are constantly battling with always-growing to do lists, trying to reach high standards and ending up experiencing acute stress and even anxiety. Perhaps, like me, you’re among those who end up spending countless hours searching for tools to lessen the symptoms and triggers, as well as reducing the causes, so that you can aim towards a happier life.

However, in an age where seeking information alone can be a major cause of overwhelmed, many times researching can leave us even more triggered and anxious that we were to begin with!

For this reason, I’ve decided to take  a good look through the most relevant health and well being blogging sites around to find you some sound advice on how to reduce anxiety and feel better, on your terms and as effortlessly as possible (we are all VERY busy, after all!).

The below tools are starting points to get you feeling, thinking and living better, tackling your symptoms holistically and shifting some of the issues that got you struggling to begin with. Hope this support you on your path, so you can rock life on your terms.

Before you lose control, use Self-Worth to bring you to power!

Before you lose control, use Self-Worth to bring you to power!


Anchor yourself on Self-Worth

When you’re feeling weighed down by anxiety and worry, it’s easy to believe you’ve failed in some way or aren’t worthy of help, even assuming that you aren’t even worthy of anything but anxiety and pain. These feelings are connected to a sense of conditioned self-worth, where you are constantly hustling for value and a sense of worthiness, therefore never truly thriving but merely surviving.

Because these feelings and messages are so embedded in your psyche, you believe them and, from that place of unworthiness, continue putting yourself down. Like I always tell my clients, when we see ourselves as broken, we make broken decisions.

To start shifting these self-beliefs, you can start to show yourself that you’re worthy by investing time and resources in getting the support you need through a doctor, counsellor or coach, so that you can get the tools you need, as well as process some of the causes of these emotions.

Another great option is investing in other tools that have been proven to help with anxiety, so you can feel nourished and empowered. A great product to try are weighted blankets, such as Hushblankets.com, which can help reduce your symptoms, for example. These commitments to your Self-Care will support you in establishing a better sense of Self-Worth.

Other great tools to start improving your sense of Self-Worth are making yourself at least one nourishing meal per day, blocking time to journal daily, clearing your schedule from activities or commitments that feel superfluous, or even committing to better sleep hygiene. It all ends nourishing you fully.

Fill your Mind with Presence

Many times, when we’re feeling anxious, the last thing we want to do is spend time thinking about what’s worrying us, specially when it’s impossible to even pinpoint the exact cause. This is when mindfulness exercises can come in handy.

Rather than trying to make yourself ‘feel better’ or ignore your emotions and feelings,  mindfulness encourages you to sit and recognise them, allowing them to exist, rather than fight them; always observing without judgement or fear, so that you can experience them fully in the moment.

Committing to developing a mindfulness practice, using tools, videos or even apps, can be a great way to both help you improve your sense of Self-Worth (it would feel very much like Self-Care after all!) as well as help your brain deal with stress and anxiety from a non-reactive perspective. Win-Win!

Be Honest about your Journey

For a lot of us, numbing with alcohol, junk food, online shopping, sweets or even drugs might be a tempting way to quiet down the feelings we are experience. This is a natural reaction we all have to avoid pain and discomfort. However, we all know that rather than helping, this kind of self-medication will only cause more harm than good and won’t do much to tackle the root causes of the problem. I often tell my clients that, whilst numbing is a survival mechanism that humans have wisely developed, unless we are mindful about how and when we numb, it can completely control our lives.

When we allow our experience to show in ways that are honest and authentic, sharing our struggles with people who can support us and empathise with us as we heal, we stop feeling ashamed of them and start to regain a fuller sense of ourselves and our value.

Also, opening up about our struggles and journeys can be precisely what those around us need to allow themselves to be honest about their owns, as well as help you create a support system that can help you as you recover.

Remember, an effective method to start your own path towards joy is to go back to basics by making sure you’re getting plenty of the good stuff, namely wholesome food, exercise and sleep, to feel nourished again. Getting these in place will be the first step on the road to recovery.

Anxiety can be crippling but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. If you’re experiencing it, in any form, then get along to a trustworthy practitioner and talk through what’s going on, so you can get the support you need to thrive again. Don’t let it rule your life, put yourself back in charge.