Dealing with Anxiety, Medication and Beyond


Anxiety seems to be a global epidemic these days in a world full of to-do’s and deadlines, so much so that we’re only just starting to realise how many people have been affected. From meditation to medication, there is a wide range of treatments for those struggling with any degree of it, and, since everybody is different, in the end each individual needs to approach it his/her your own way.

For some, for which the best alternative is heading to a doctor to look for options, some type pharmaceutical treatment would be the best approach to handling anxiety, and although there is clear evidence that certain medications have a positive effect on people, we also know that it doesn’t always get to the root cause of the issue that triggered the Anxiety in the first place. Not to mention that some are not keen on the idea of taking medication that alters their medical state as well as cause side effects.

As someone who dealt with chronic depression and dependent on antidepressants at some point of my own healing journey, I can understand anyone who is wary about becoming reliant on medication to feel calm and happy, as much as I can understand anyone who wants to try it to get back to calm and happy. This isn't a one-size-fits-all thing.

Anxiety might make you feel isolated and lost, don’t despair!

Anxiety might make you feel isolated and lost, don’t despair!

Nonetheless, if you’re among those wanting to tackle anxiety on a more natural path, don’t like the idea of medication, or are not ready for it yet, here are some helpful alternatives that can support you back to greatness:

Movement and Exercise

It’s no secret that exercise is good for our health. Not only are we hardwired for movement in many different ways and biologically crave it, but it also keeps our heart in good shape and can help us maintain our muscle mass, protecting our bones.

Exercise is also one of the best ways to manage mental health problems. Most doctors agree that it can be one of the best things we can do if you’re struggling from anxiety. To start, it gives us a natural endorphin boost that improves our overall mood and helps us relieve stress and tension that can lead to anxiety. But also, the simple fact of engaging in physical activities or movement will create a cycle where as your body feels best, so will you emotionally respond.

In fact, simple changes like adding 30 minutes of physical activities 2 to 3 times per week can have a deep impact in your feelings of anxiety.

Speak To Somebody

Even though anxiety always have a root cause, this tends not to be an obvious thing. In many situations, it isn’t the things that we directly worry about that are causing the feelings of anxiety, but something underlying that is equally affecting us.

For many, anxiety has its roots in childhood issues and it’s hard to work through those on our own. In fact, it is important to manage anxiety adequately to consider speaking to a psychiatrist to help us and guide us and we find out exactly what is causing those problems in the first place.

Even though for many speaking to somebody about those deeper emotions and issues can feel overwhelming or scary, the reality isn’t like anything we see on TV shows. Trained psychiatrist, therapist and coaches create a safe environment for anyone to unpack their feelings in order to heal, and there is never pressure to talk about anything that a person might not feel comfortable with.

Self Care towards Unconditional Self-Worth

When you’re struggling with mental health issues, it can be easy to let things slip in your everyday life, crowded by the feelings of inequity and overwhelm. For many, basic things like showering or tidying the house up fall by the wayside and that ends up making them feel worse, triggering shame and even more feelings of fear and stress.

A good book and a cuppa always help me when the overwhelm of entrepreneurship, motherhood and life affect me!

A good book and a cuppa always help me when the overwhelm of entrepreneurship, motherhood and life affect me!

It is for this reason that Self-Care is key in recovering a full sense of Self-Worth, where you can show up fully and safely to life, allowing the emotions to come without them hijacking your human experience, something that is so important when we’re tackling mental health issues.

From pushing yourself to make an effort to get up and do practical things around the house, to booking time with a loved one or with a book, to creating a new Meditation practice for yourself, anything you commit to in order to nourish yourself will help you in your journey towards greatness and joy. It might not feel like much at the time but afterwards, you’ll feel better and, as you commit to investing in yourself consistently, this will help you face emotional challenges much more empowered.

To start this journey, you can create a simple schedule for yourself where errands, work and housekeeping is booked, but also Self-Care activities that will equally nourish you, this way you can stay on top of all of your needs.

Remember, whether you choose medication, therapy, meditation, movement or all of them, your journey will require only your commitment and action. So start today!