Self-Care, Expectations and Motherhood


This is Matt.

He is having a sheet mask on a Friday morning when he and his brother Mikey (who apparently was responsible for the horror of waking up before the day had officially started) woke up at an ungodly hour (probably earlier than 5am 🀷🏽) ready to start the day.

Favourite Sheet Mask for him is a Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera one I get from  iHerb

Favourite Sheet Mask for him is a Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera one I get from iHerb

Now, what this little one and his sidekick didn’t know, was that I had plans. After a week without end, I was tired and looking forward to waking up before them to do a sheet mask alone. Maybe have a coffee whilst the house was asleep. In my delusion, I even imagined myself watching something cultural (ahem, Jane the Virgin!) on TV as I waited for everyone to wake up.

As they marched into my room (and I cursed under my breath), I made a decision not to let this derail my day. So, I rushed to the bathroom and grabbed 3 sheet masks from my stash (I have one inspired by fellow mom Layla Saad) and then the 3 of us went downstairs for some quite time before #MrB, who had called dibs on a lay-in that morning, fully woke up.

Mikey had 0 interest in them, he wanted to play. But Matt sat there relaxing, happy and zen-like, whilst I did my own mask, I was committed to pampering myself however possible, and his brother destroyed the house like a T-Rex would. In the chaos of the whole scene, there was also lots of joy.

Let me be honest with you, I'm not a relaxed parent. In fact, I have read, heard and researched loads around how to let go of the stress and be much more flexible as a mom and human. However, that morning by finding a way to match our reality with my expectations, by being flexible and playful, I realised I was creating a better impact in their childhood and my own mothering satisfaction.

So, apart from inviting you to prioritise on some Self-Care today, on your own terms and to match your life, I would highly vow to use more flexibility and fluidity in parenthood and letting expectations and perfection go for a bit... Who knows? I might even become an expert on this ordeal and teach courses on how not to lose it with kids in the near future!

Whatever happens, I can honestly say that this is one of my proudest days as a mom and happiest early Friday morning memory to this day.

How could you use flexibility today to empower your own journey? Where can you let go of expectations to leave way for joy?

Let me know and let’s share our journeys into womanhood and beyond!