Holistic Packing as a Holistic Coach and Momma

This post started like a little inside joke. I have been packing for what feels like days in preparation for our short family holidays, and decided to tackle our First Aid kit (a good excuse to take a break from actively potty training my almost-3-year-old toddler) before I would forget. So, I took a little bag and started putting our essentials in, and then I took a glance and started laughing. When did the transformation into a full on crunchy mom happen?

Now, I say this with a heart full of laughter and with knowing that this path I’m in feels SO in tuned with my family and me. But, we’re as crunchy as it comes nowadays, and the funniest part is that it wasn’t always the case. In fact, quite the opposite!

As little as 5 years ago I would travel with my inhalers (plural), antihistamine pills, migraine pills (several boxes and types), gas and indigestion pills and some sort of anti-diarrhea option. Depending on the time of year and destination, I would also add a cold/flu medication and something to help me sleep.

I would pack all that up and still consider myself healthy as they came. How crazy is that?

These days with my asthma in check (haven’t had an attack in at least 4 years), my allergies almost gone (or controlled through diet), my digestion and elimination sorted and my gut and immune system cared for holistically, I travel with no commercial drugs or medications and instead pack more holistic and clean options in case we need them.

For full disclosure I will say that, since going gluten free, packing includes a lot of food in the luggage though. So, it isn’t like I’m packing simpler (in fact, now that I’m almost full grain-free, the need to pack snacks has increased!), in reality I’m packing smarter. I bring the nourishment I want to have available and leave behind the drugs that used to keep me going when my diet wasn’t in tuned with me.

Even as a #MomOfTwo kids under 3, I don’t have the need to bring along every type of medication under the sun, firstly because we rarely need anything (something I thank God for every. Single. Day.) but also because I have found other options to support their health. Options that resonate with our lifestyle and decisions.

If you want to know, this is what’s in my First Aid Kit these days:

  • Rescue Remedy (cream, pastilles and liquid)
  • My homeopathic kit
  • Homeopathic Sting Gel Remedy
  • Homeopathic Teething pills and drops (needed for little #Michael)
  • Lactase pills (in case #MrB decides to indulge in some ice cream)
  • Glutenaze pills (in case we get glutened)
  • Activated Charcoal (if my diet abroad gets in my tummy)

That’s it. Sounds like a lot, yet in reality is pretty simple and will hopefully be left untouched during our trip (inshallah!). A friend asked me what would happen if I forgot it and my answer was simple: “I would have two options: Panic and Stress or remember that I have nourished our bodies to be resilient and strong throughout anything, so we can tackle mild issues with a good infusion or some rest”.

Now, if you’re REALLY interested, this is what I’m packing that isn’t clothes and accessories:

  • Herbal Coffee
  • #Paleo Pancake Mix
  • 12 #Homemade #Paleo Plantain Tortillas
  • Frozen #Homemade Almond and Coconut milk
  • Small Spiralizer (for zoodles and fun salads)
  • Collagen for our drinks
  • Coconut Oil packs
  • Almond and Pecan Butter packs
  • Mixed nuts
  • #GlutenFree and #GrainFree Protein Bars

It might sound crazy, but deciding to focus on healing my gut and body from within came with the realization that diet was key, and although there’s room for fun and careless eating with some elements, I know I deserve a clean diet so I can truly thrive through life.

So, how are you guys packing for your holidays? What are your must-have items?

The Browns are gone tomorrow and so there won’t be an article coming out next week. I’ll stay present with my family so, I’ll share more of my #HolisticMomAdventures in a couple of weeks.

Have a gorgeous time and feel free to share, comment and like!