Habemus Doula

As the weeks turn into months, the months into weeks and the weeks into days, I have realized that I needed to work more on real actions to prepare for Michael’s arrival. With little over 2 weeks to go (maybe less considering my low haemoglobin levels) I haven’t even taken the newborn clothes out, prepared my bag or printed my birth plan. I don’t know, this second child thing is much more relaxed, I guess!

Anyway, this time around the amount of ultrasounds, appointments, research and nervous calls to my OB have decreased (in some cases even disappeared). In part because we knew better this time, we kind of knew what to expect. Also in the two years since Matthew’s birth not only I studied to become a Doula myself, but also I have spent countless hours researching all I could about childbirth, women’s health and more on my professional development path.

However, there was one thing I knew I wanted and that was a Doula. After the experiences we had during Matt’s birth and early weeks, the fact that birth in Qatar is (sadly) a medical issue and the things I learned while studying to support parents on their birth journeys, I was sure I wanted someone there supporting both Phil and I while we were going through the birth of our second child.

Now, as a person with controlling tendencies, I’m not an easy client when it comes to health in general, but when it comes to my own health, I’m downright picky. In fact, Phil always coached me before entering the OB’s office so I wouldn’t end up making things “complicated”. So, you can imagine how did the whole Doula hunting thing went through.

To make matters more interesting, having a child in the middle of the end of the year break in a country where most people are expats and travel to spend the holidays away meant my options were narrow (to say the least). So there I was, counting down the weeks and freaking out that I was not going to get the support I wanted during my labour.

Hence, you can imagine my delight and happiness when, after a few messages, stalking and random questioning, I got us the perfect doula! Not only have I met her before and know of her commitment to women and their right to have amazing and natural births, but also she is originally a midwife, which give us the extra reassurance of the support she’ll be able to provide whilst we stay home in the early hours of labour.

So there you have it. The crib might be in pieces, the clothes might be unwashed and still in a box somewhere in the garage, but we have a Doula, I finished my birth plan and now, as the days run by between family visits, holiday experiences and the everyday buzz, I can relax and know I have the required support to have another fantastic birth coming soon.



PS: Did you have a Doula for any of your children’s births? Was that part of your to-do when preparing to welcome a baby?