I’m Thankful for You

I have been meaning to post some ideas and tips about preparing yourself (and your family) for the arrival of a new member for a while. I have done research, read, highlighted posts and articles and even order some (more) parenting books about this. Yet the reality is that whenever I sat down to write, I would feel inadequate talking about it. Like I was doing what I thought I should, not what I wanted… and so, I ditched the idea and reframed my original goal.

You see I’m a new mom. Although Matt’s 2 (going on 20 many days), I’m a newbie at this. I’m still figuring out what to do, what works and what doesn’t, who is he, who am I, which things make us thrive and which don’t. I’m not close to being an expert on myself, let alone motherhood. So, how can I make a to-do list about preparing for a new baby?

This is what I can say though… My one and only advice, my pearl of wisdom, I’m preparing by not planning, by not reading, by not researching… by not preparing! I’m preparing by being thankful of him and his rhythms, thankful for his lovely smile and my chance to witness it everyday. I’m preparing by remembering how fast these 2 years had gone by, so I savor each day as much as I can.

I’m taking the time to follow my instincts, to snuggle with Matt whenever possible, to slow down my pace and enjoy his toddlerhood, to cook with him (even when dinner was pre-maid yesterday and my back aches a bit), to sing him crazy songs and record crazier videos, to be more and do less, always with a heart full of gratitude.

Because, in few weeks, he won’t be my baby anymore. He won’t be the center of my attention, my one and only. He’ll be my first and that will always be special, but between long breastfeeding sessions, sleepless nights, post-partum hormones and a new little one needing me constantly, our moments to connect and giggle will be less frequent, and I’ll miss them dearly.

So today I didn’t work as I should have, I didn’t invest 2 hours doing meal preparation as I should have, I didn’t reply the dozen emails I should have. Today, I’m slowing down to cuddle him while he takes his nap, I’m closing my eyes, hugging him and keeping him close, he’s my little boy. Today, he’s my only priority; my only to-do and he’s only mine. Because he’s only today’s Matthew today, and I’ll miss him when he’s gone.

And thus I owe you ideas, tricks and tips; I owe you clues and to-do lists. Because if there’s something I know from being a new mom once, is that the planning, researching and reading doesn’t always come as handy as the relaxing, surrendering and living part. So there, I said it, this momma will focus on something else for a change and hope everything goes for the best!



PS: How did you prepare for your baby(ies)?