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This is a collection of books, products, apps and more that I recommend my clients, friends and YOU to make your journey better, more fun and much more empowered!



Looking for Nutritional Help?

I have been studying nutrition and diet for over 6 years and I know how stressful and triggering can it be to spend hours and hours reading articles and posts that contradict each other, feeling completely confused about what to eat, when and why. So, let’s get you sorted with these amazing resources ALL to get you nourished and thriving!

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Want to try Keto with the tools you need to succeed?

I have you covered!

My Start Keto Right! Packages are ideal for anyone looking to give Keto a go without losing your mind!

E-books, recipes, masterclasses and Online support. My Keto 101 - Starting Keto Right! Level is what you need!


Looking for Apps, Books, Ingredients & More?

Here are some of my favourites! From books and apps to great supplements, curated all in lists that you can easily check out and make yours!

These are the tools I offer my clients as we work on nourishing them holistically and nourishing them with only the best!


Freedom App

This app is my secret weapon for dealing with the distractions of social media and the internet, without compromising my work as an online entrepreneur.

I use it to focus and block away anything and everything that keeps me from my goals. This intervals are amazing to up productivity and well-being. Give it a try and you will surely be hooked on the sense of real freedom.

Book Depository

I’m a book worm and Book Depository makes this easier with its swift and free delivery, as well as great discounts.

From Paleo cookbooks to our favourite children’s books, at Book Depository you’ll find anything and everything you might dream of. In fact, take a look at their Moleskine collection and even arts and crafts bundles.

Enjoy shopping!

Curated Lists from Amazon

These lists are all packed with books in different categories, so you can start adding them into your cart, recommend them to friends and mostly enjoy!