Fuelled for Greatness


Dare to step out of your Comfort Zone and into your Greatness Zone through empowering actions on this program packed with the tools, resources and support you crave and deserve to feel nourished, purposeful and joyful again and FOREVER!

After years seeing my friends, clients and women around me struggle with the same issues in total isolation (yet hyper social media connection) over and over again, I decided to change things up. This program is born from being exactly where you are today: Stressed, overwhelmed, overworked, undernourished and confused… and decided it was time to change things for good.

This is the starting point for ALL overwhelmed, overtired and lost women out there looking for a change but finding it difficult, confusing and stressful; for the thousands of us walking around with a dresses made of “Shoulds” that oppress us and keep us quiet, ashamed and small; for the ladies who know they want MORE but feel guilty or uncomfortable from seeking it.


If you know who I’m talking about and you call her ME, this program will support you to:

Find real tools and resources to transform your life and build a happier, healthier and more authentic present, on your own terms.

Replenish your body, mind and soul so you can implement lasting changes starting from day 1.

Discover new techniques and ideas around subjects like: Nutrition, Mindfulness, Relationships and Purpose, to create a new blueprint for your life.

Feel empowered, witnessed and supported to step into the world as the Strong, Empowered, Nourished and Valuable woman you want to embody.

Create a strong, diverse, compassionate and anchored in authenticity online community of like-minded women to support you through the process and grow along you.

Fueled for Greatness exceeded my expectations in every way. I looked forward to our weekly sessions and felt at home in our cozy group of support and positive energy. Anahi brings a wealth of knowledge and personal experience that you can feel in every moment that you spend talking with her.
— Jamie Victorin
Fuelled for Greatness - Online & In-Person Group Coaching

Fuelled for Greatness - Online & In-Person Group Coaching

Fuelled for Greatness - One on One Coaching

Fuelled for Greatness - One on One Coaching


Fuelled for Greatness - Group Program

Designed for Women looking for the Ideal Nourishment they crave and deserve to create Purposeful, Joyful and Meaningful lives on their own terms!

Join the group and, through our 12 weeks of work and connection, release the masks and show up as yourself to a little sisterhood created to empower you and share your journey.

The experience of reconnecting with parts of myself I have lost sight of, of having an intimate environment to open and share and getting tools to understand myself, what my needs are and how to fulfill them while having fun and a sense of friendship has been amazing.
— Carmita Prieto
A brilliant, informative programme that really covers all aspects of your life that. It provides you with the tools to look deeper into areas of your life you might want to improve, or just to have a deeper understanding about.
— Jody Toomer

The best part? Everyone will meet you where you are but will also bring on their awesomeness, so friendships and support will surely arise. Ideal for women looking for like minded connections (and even meeting their new Girl Squad).

  • Online: No driving or parking needed… Zoom sessions and replays all for you, a fantastic Facebook tribe to share more info and much more.

  • In Person: Let’s sit together, once per week and share our journeys, witness our sisters and take the growth to the next level. Plus, in between sessions, we will have a beautiful online community to share the gritty nitty.


Online Group Program

13 Sessions packed with empowerment and resources (includes online support in private Facebook Group, recordings in audio and video format, all online materials and bonuses)


Relaunching January 2019

In Person Group Program

13 Sessions packed with empowerment and resources (includes venue costs, online support in private Facebook Group, printed materials and bonuses)


Relaunching February 2019

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Fuelled for Greatness - One on One Coaching

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12 life-Transforming Sessions:

6 Mind-Blowing Sessions:

You and me, rocking through 12 weeks deepening your understanding of nourishment and reclaiming ALL that is you. Every. Single. Bit.

From your diet and how you move, to the universe of possibilities that you have as an agent for change. We will tailor it to you, to get you to Greatness and Beyond.* Ideal for those looking for specific and personalise tools and resources.

  • Online: No driving involved… Zoom sessions and replays all for you to download and listen forever!

  • In Person: Come over, sit in my couch and let’s share a cuppa whilst we have powerful coaching sessions.