Empowerment Coaching


I'm an Empowerment & Mindset Coach who believes ALL women deserve pleasure, purpose and joy in their journeys, and to define their labels, dreams and goals, daring to accomplish and be all they want on their terms regardless of where they are, their size or their beliefs.

I work with women who feel sluggish, undernourished, exhausted, purposeless and joyless - Nourishing them, through coaching and mentoring, into Greatness.

My approach is anchored in what I call Holistic Nourishment, which combines nutrition, emotional empowerment, mindful living, intentional action and inspiring relational work to obtain a full, rich and vibrant experience in life.

This way, the growth and change you will experience is a by-product of the self-worth and mindset process we go through together, so you will choose foods, thoughts and relationships that are loving for you, your goals, body and dreams and this will fuel you into feeling your absolute best, so you thrive and, from that loving space, work towards your greatest purpose so you too can change the world... because in the end everyone deserves to live purposeful, joyful and empowered lives.

My superpower? An style powered by empathy, authenticity and compassion (… and fuelled by coffee!) through holding space for my clients’ wounds and smiles, passing down my unique viewpoints and giving them tools for their journeys, thus enabling them to discover themselves so they can love themselves and from there grow and expand their boundaries.

Check out my different options here so I can start empowering towards your happiest and healthiest self.

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Say Yes to YOU

A 30-Day program taking women on the go, busy and tired from stressed and drained, to Nourished and Joyful with the best possible tool: Self-Care.

This is the starting point on your journey to living the life you dream of, on your own terms!

Relaunching October 2019!

Personalised Programs

Personalised Programs

Ideal to get deep changes in ALL areas of your life through a package of 7 or 13 empowering Sessions.

These programs nourish you so you can head into the world with a clear vision, amazing health, joyful mindset and unconditional self-worth (AND ALL on YOUR own terms!).

Start your own journey today if you want to!

Fuelled for Greatness

Fuelled for Greatness

Dare to step out of your Comfort Zone and into your Greatness Zone through empowering actions on this 10-Week Online Bootcamp packed with the tools, resources and support you crave and deserve to feel nourished.

Relaunching November 2019.